Defensive Handgun


  • June 22nd 2024 – TBD (4 hour morning block)


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Defensive Handgun courses

These courses focus on one skill for approximately 4 hours. Students will walk away with a better understanding of the single skill and dry fire and live fire drills they are able to take away and work with on their own time.


  • 1 Semi-auto handgun
  • A minimum of 2 magazines (More mags equals less loading and more training)
  • Quality ammunition
  • Outside the waistband holster (Concealed Carry course requires a concealed holster)

Required For Defensive Handgun Courses (bring these things with you)

  • One handgun – Usually a semi-auto pistol
  • Magazines – bring at least 2 magazines (magazines must be unloaded at all times unless instructed otherwise).
  • Ammunition – 200+ rounds of store-bought ammunition for your rifle. Hand-loaded ammunition is prohibited.
  • PPE hearing and eye protection are required. (Electronic hearing protection is preferred for everyone’s safety)
  • Additional gearthough not required, you may want to bring the following with you: magazine pouches, cleaning gear , magazine loaders, and any tools needed to adjust your sights, if needed.
  • Holsters – Bring an appropriate holster, if it is a concealed class bring a couple concealed holsters, otherwise you would benefit from brining an outside the waist band holster.


  • Check-in starts about 30 Min before your start time.
  • We train in any weather; check the WEATHER before you head out and pack accordingly.
  • We will be on the ground – in the Snow, Mud, Rain and Dust
  • We will be moving a lot
  • Bring at least one empty magazine for practicing reloading drills


  • Sunscreen
  • Magazine pouches – may be required/helpful for some courses
  • Cleaning gear
  • Magazine loaders
  • Water – There is limited water available on-site
  • Chair
  • Hat
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Closed-toed shoes or boots

Check the weather here: CURRENT WEATHER.

Please contact Cross Valley Training at (509) 383-3030 for more information about this course or any other firearms training course that we offer.



Cancellations / No show – If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a class, you will need to CONTACT US before the class to either reschedule or request a full refund prior to 14 days. Cancellations made less than 14 days before the class starts can be rescheduled and/or will only receive a 50% refund. Students who register for a class and then fail to attend without prior contact will forfeit any rights to a reschedule or refund.
(509) 383-3030         Info@CrossValley.Training


March 2nd 2024 Concealed carry, April 6th 2024 TBD, June 22nd TBD


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