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Cross Valley National Training Center Ellensburg WA Firearms TrainingCROSS VALLEY NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER

Our mission is to provide a private realistic training environment for an expansive outdoor educational experience.

Cross Valley National training center is a safe outdoor location that provides a versatile array of training venues. This unique training facility spreads over 137 acres with the ability to accommodate shooting spots, Tactical training, land navigation, competition, and other outdoor-related activities. We support instructor FREEDOM!


You have found your new training venue if you’re an outdoor instructor. We are located in the middle of the state on 137 acres. We have training sites that are as small as 25 yds to well over 1000 yards.

Our training area accommodates shooting sports, instruction, competitions and nearly any outdoor training event one could need.



You have located your new training site if you offer a public protective service.

Sheriff’s offices, Police departments, State Agencies, Private Security, and Federal Agencies all give so much to our communities. Now they have a place to train freely in the manner that best serves their communities.

We have recently begun working on a 137-acre training facility that will set aside a dedicated area for you to train. This area will be scheduled among yourselves without restrictions. By becoming a member, your agency will not only have access to the dedicated area, but you will also be able to schedule time in any training sites we offer.

With your annual membership, your agency will receive discounted and, in some cases, complementary use of other training venues on-site. There will be water, bathrooms, parking, and 24/7 access.

Our plans include a 30-person classroom and have included the ability to build up to a 3,000 sq. foot structure in the agency area.

Contact us today to get started!


If you and your friends are looking for a safe place to hold a private shooting event, we have the place for you.

Bachelor parties, Birthday parties, Private competitions, etc.

Reserve your site today.

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