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Firearms are not for sale anywhere where they are prohibited by law or to any person who is forbidden to possess them by law. If available, lower-capacity magazines will be provided where larger capacity magazines are forbidden. The impetus solely is on the buyer to ensure the legality of a firearm in their jurisdiction. Please inform us if the included magazine in a firearm is not legal in your jurisdiction.

Pictures: Images may be stock photos or images of the actual item. Please CONTACT US for any questions regarding an item or pictures.

Payment options: Visa and MasterCard are accepted on our site.  To purchase items by check OR cash please CONTACT US prior to making a purchase.

Shipping: Except for gunsmithing work being returned to original owners (in some cases), we can only ship firearms to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. Please contact your preferred FFL to make arrangements for pick up prior to shipment. Then, email it by using our CONTACT US page or faxing a copy. We will then ship your order to the address listed on the FFL provided to us. Orders are generally shipped within 3 business days of purchase and receipt of FFL (if required). In exceptional circumstances, this may be delayed.

Ammunition shipments: All ammunition will be shipped with an adult signature over 21 required.

Failure of payment: If we do not receive both payments for your order and a copy of the FFL within 5 days, your order will be canceled.  We cannot ship to a PO Box and require an adult signature with all firearms, ammunition, and firearms parts shipped.

Online shipping: We charge a standard rate for shipping calculations, see our shipping fees at checkout or CONTACT US.  Other items are shipped according to the carrier’s fees and packaging supplies needed.

Refunds: REFUNDS ARE GENERALLY IN-STORE CREDIT. Please CONTACT US if you would like to discuss receiving a refund unless prohibited by law or other arrangements have been made prior to the sale.

Ammunition: Archimedes Machining Inc cannot accept the return of ammunition in any condition.  Once ammunition has been sold, it cannot be returned for any credit, cash, exchanged, or traded for any reason.

In-store firearms purchase return: Most firearms purchased from Archimedes Machining Inc are eligible for this program when purchased at the physical store location.  Firearms transferred from or purchased from another retail dealer do not qualify for the return policy.  NFA items may qualify for this program, however additional fees will apply.  Reduced credit may be given for returns for a variety of reasons including but not limited to; overly used firearms, missing parts, damages not covered by warranty, wear marks, and other damage.  To be eligible for a return the original owner must bring the firearm into the store with all the original paperwork, boxes, accessories, and other items that were included in the original sale.  Firearms that show excessive wear or use are subject to a restocking and or maintenance fee when traded-in.  In order to be eligible for a cash refund, you must allow us to exchange the product for another product a minimum of two more times.  All local, state and federal laws apply during this program.

Returns – other: Archimedes Machining Inc. is happy to exchange any item you have purchased within 15 days of your original purchase date with an original sales receipt.

A convenience fee for credit cards: Archimedes Machining Inc charges up to a 4% convenience fee for purchases that involve the use of a credit card, debit cards, or other electronic payments excluding Archimedes Machining Inc. gift cards.

Checks: Personal and Certified checks are accepted. We reserve the right to wait until they clear before releasing your purchase.

Money Orders: Money orders are accepted for in-store and online sales. We recommend that you send money orders via certified mail to ensure their arrival. We cannot guarantee the successful receipt of money orders if they are not sent via Certified mail.

Other forms of payments: We will accept any other form of legal funds on a case by case basis and reserve the right to refuse these forms of payment.

Gunsmithing service waiver – I hereby authorize Archimedes Machining Inc or any DBA associated with Archimedes Machining Inc to perform the above-stated work to be done with the necessary material and grant permission to fire or use the item(s) being repaired for the purpose of testing.  Items left at Archimedes Machining Inc for more than 60 days without prior permission become the property of Archimedes Machining Inc.  Archimedes Machining Inc may not release any items left until payment is made in full and that Archimedes Machining Inc reserves the right to sell any item left for more than 60 days where no other arrangements have been made.  Firearms left at Archimedes Machining Inc may only be picked up by the person that has left the firearm.  You declare that you are the actual owner of the firearm and have the authority to make the repairs or modifications to the firearm.  It is your responsibility to abide by all local and federal laws.

Archimedes Machining Inc manufactured firearms guarantee
All Archimedes Machining Inc brand firearms are guaranteed against manufacturer’s defects. Any mechanical issue you come across will be covered.  Shipping charges may apply.

If you damage your firearm in the line of duty, we will repair or replace your damaged Archimedes Machining Inc product at cost and get your firearm operational with a minimum of downtime. All equipment that is assigned to law enforcement, military, or security guard use will be upgraded to priority repair status at no cost to the user.  With all this in mind, you may still be responsible for repairs.

Archimedes Machining Inc guarantees to the initial retail purchaser, for their lifetime, that Archimedes Machining Inc complete firearms, complete upper, and complete lower, used under normal conditions will be free of defects in parts, material, and workmanship which affect satisfactory operation. This guarantee is limited to the repair or replacement of the part or parts which are returned to Archimedes Machining Inc and which are determined by Archimedes Machining Inc to be defective. The following items are excluded from this guarantee: A. Normal wear of protective finishes and of all metal or plastic parts. B. Damage or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, or unauthorized repair or alteration. C. Damage from use of other than factory ammunition or steel cased ammunition.

Archimedes Machining Inc will not be responsible for the results of careless handling, unauthorized repairs and adjustments, corrosion, neglect, and unreasonable or unsafe use. Archimedes Machining Inc assumes no responsibility for damage and/or injury caused in whole or in part by hand loaded, reloaded, steel cased or defective ammunition. Under no circumstances shall Archimedes Machining Inc be responsible for incidental or consequential damages with respect to economic loss or injury to property arising out of the use of hand loaded, reloaded, steel cased, or defective ammunition, negligence, unsafe handling, or unauthorized modifications to the firearm. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations regarding them may not apply to you.

If a firearm is carelessly or improperly handled, the unintentional discharge could result and could cause injury, death, or damage to property. Do not use steel-cased ammunition, hand loads, reloads, or remanufactured ammunition in your Archimedes Machining Inc product. The use of this ammunition is dangerous and by using it you assume all risks associated with its use. The use of steel-cased ammunition, hand loads, reloads or non-commercial re-manufactured ammunition will void any Archimedes Machining Inc Guarantee.

Before leaving the factory, your Archimedes Machining Inc complete firearm, complete uppers, and complete lower was test-fired, carefully inspected, and packaged. Archimedes Machining Inc cannot control product handling after it leaves the factory. Therefore, please examine the product carefully at the time of purchase to ensure that it is unloaded and undamaged.

Instructors – All instructors are certified by Archimedes Machining Inc to teach their area of expertise.  Each instructor has demonstrated through 3rd-party instructor certificates or life experience that they are an expert in their field of education.

Shooter Responsibility – Shooters are responsible for every round that they fire, regardless of their level of experience or any other factors. It is the responsibility of the shooter to always follow the 4 key rules of gun safety and the directions being given by the staff.

Injuries – All injuries shall be reported to an instructor as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours from the incident.  The instructor will then file an incident report that will be kept on file for no less than 2 years of the date of injury.  Failing to report injuries when they occur will negate our liability when it pertains to providing you with medical aid.

Indoor classroom – The classroom is a non-live fire environment that everyone can feel safe in.  All firearms shall remain unloaded and secured until such time that instruction is given to manipulate the firearms.

Attendees under the age of 18 – This shall be at the sole discretion of the instructor at the time of the class.  Some of our classes are designed specifically for students 18 years of age and younger.  These classes do not require special permission to attend.  If you are under the legal age to purchase the firearm you intend to use during the course, please CONTACT US prior to attending.

Termination from training – The lead instructor is responsible for everyone while instruction is being given. For this reason, the instructor has the sole right and responsibility to terminate training at any point and ask any student to leave. If this happens, the student will forfeit any right to a refund or guarantees that may have been promised. If they feel that they were wrongfully expelled from the instruction they may first submit in writing their complaint to Archimedes Machining Inc, Attn: Pete Ross, for review. If the complaint is still not handled to their satisfaction, they shall then contact the Dispute Resolution Center of Ellensburg to resolve the conflict before taking legal action.

Firearms rental policy – Archimedes Machining Inc rents firearms for use during instruction. Archimedes Machining Inc shall always maintain positive control of these firearms and ownership will never be transferred to the renter. No rented firearms leave the control of Archimedes Machining Inc or its designees.

Cancellations / No show – If, for any reason, you are unable to attend a class, you will need to CONTACT US before the class to either reschedule or request a full refund prior to 14 days. Cancellations made less than 14 days before the class starts can be rescheduled and/or will only receive a 50% refund. Students who register for a class and then fail to attend without prior contact will forfeit any rights to a reschedule or refund.

NFA Items
NFA items are defined by the BATFE and regulated by both the BATFE and the State of Washington.  We must and will obey both sets of regulations.
Payment is required to be paid in full prior to filing any paperwork.  Once the paperwork has been filed there are no refunds or exchanges without additional fees, waiting periods, and paperwork.

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