Intermediate individual gunfighter

Today is your day!  Have you prepared mentally and physically?
The day lethal force becomes your only option will not be the day to learn.  After today you will have the skills to aid you and your loved ones to survive that day.
This comprehensive skill-building course will put your skills to work in, real-world encounters with the confidence to survive.
Come prepared to test yourself over an 8-hour period filled with skill-building scenarios.  By instructors who not only teach but have used these skills in their daily lives!  NEW 2022: There will be 3 of this course offered.  Join us for one or all three.  Each will have unique skills and drills that will keep your skills sharp and for the family safe.

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Handgun 1/2/3

Description coming soon!

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Handgun Presentation Course

Learn how to safely and reliably draw and present your pistol in our handgun presentation course. Get on target with Cross Valley Training.  In a 6-week training (Attend 3 with a check-off to qualify for advanced classes)

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Battle Rifle 1 / 2 / 3

DRIVE YOUR GUN! Do not let your gun drive you.
Take your flat range training to another angle!
By now you have honed those marksmanship skills on a cold flat wooden bench.  It is time to free yourself from the constraints of a one-dimensional range.  Come learn new skills and test the ones you already have in a 3-dimensional world.  After all, we live in a 3-dimensional world.
Don’t disappoint your rifle, it was created to shoot not sit on a bench.  Your rifle deserves a better range experience.

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MCI Medical (Classroom & Advanced)

After this, you will have the knowledge to save someone’s life in a Mass Casualty Incident. These incidents happen every day.  This could be as simple as your kid falling at the part with a compound fracture to a building collapsing with multiple victims.  Are you prepared to help?  Most people only think that these skills help while involved in a Mass Homicide event (Active shooter).  Once you look around you will see these life-saving skills could help you at any time.  Join us for the 3-hour classroom session with the practical application or the advanced 8-hour training with a strenuous scenario at the end of the day.

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Women’s Only Firearms Familiarization (Classroom OR Range)

Welcome to a friendly non-judgmental environment that will help you gain confidence around firearms but help you keep your friends, family, and especially kids safe as well.
Just as we wear seatbelts and practice fire drills, we should teach everyone how to be safe around firearms.  This taboo topic should not be ignored.  In less than 3 hours you will receive an open discussion on firearms and not be judged.  Our staff has many years of introducing kids, men, women, and moms to firearms in a safe and friendly manner.
This is a non-shooting class and perfect for anyone that just wants to know more about firearms in their home.   Your time is important so for those that desire additional familiarization on the range, we offer a woman’s only shooting portion of this class on a separate date.

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Monthly Competition and skill builder

Follow us on Telegram to get the most up to day course.  This fun 2-hour training will occur on the 1st Saturday of each month and consist of an hour of skill-building followed by a friendly competition for bragging rights to Top Shooter of the month.  Check out Telegram during the 2nd week of each month to get an advanced look at the upcoming competition.  Then Join us to see how you stack up when the pressure is on.

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Individual and team room entry


Skills course – tested under simulated fire

Multiple 3 to 6-hour classes offered


Custom lesson plans with live fire or Simulated fire