Nearly everyone in America owns a firearm. Responsible use of those firearms is a perishable skill. Many people own guns they have never used, or maybe a friend let them fire a couple of rounds in a one-dimensional world. Well, no more. Welcome to the real world. We will provide you with an experience unlike many of you have seen. We live in a 3-dimensional world. Now you can train that way. Visit us; if it’s your first day or you have been shooting for years, you will find a training that fits you.




Welcome to our parent company, where everything began.  The owners of Brothers N Arms started out of a garage selling and fixing firearms over a decade ago.  As time went on, they moved to commercial buildings and expanded their products to include their own line of firearms, prototype firearms, and eventually private label firearms.  As they grew they realized they need to restructure and rebrand, and born out of that was Archimedes Machining.