Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System


Key Features

  • Improve your shooting speed and accuracy
  • Save money on ammo and range fees
  • Practice in the safety and comfort of your own home
  • Download the free Strikeman App to record metrics
  • Includes Target, Smartphone Holder and access to Strikeman App
  • Strikeman laser cartridge sold separately

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Traditional shooting practice is expensive. With the Strikeman Firearm Training System, you no longer need to pay for ammunition and range fees to improve your accuracy. Strikeman is a dry-fire training system that lets you practice your shooting skills without using live ammunition. By using the included target, smartphone holder, Free smartphone App and laser cartridge (not included), you can safely practice your shooting skills in the comfort of your own home. The App gives you live feedback and records accuracy metrics that’ll help you quickly develop your skills shot after shot. Use the code in the box to download the Strikeman App, available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Improve your accuracy and speed up your shot time with the Strikeman App. In fact, customers report a dramatic increase in shooting accuracy in just 2 weeks. Chamber the laser cartridge (sold separately) into your firearm, shoot at the target, and the App will record your shot score based on where the laser hits the target.

The App has 3 main sections: Settings, Training and History. The Settings section is where you turn on/off the gun shot audio and voice feedback. You can also choose feet or yards for your shooting distance. It’s also where you’ll take the initial system tutorial to ensure all safety precautions are met before you start training. The Training section is where you’ll see your shooting metrics and score for each shot. After each session, all shots are shown on the target and saved into an archive for future reference. The History section is where you can access all pre-recorded metrics, including average score, average range, total shots and total sessions. You’ll also have access to screenshots and graphs to visually track your progress.


The laser cartridge is designed without a rim, so the cartridge won’t ejected after firing. The back of the cartridge has a rubber button pad that safely absorbs the impact of the firing pin. It’s 100% safe to useā€”and won’t damage your firearm during use. Laser cartridges (for pistol, rifle, and shotgun use) sold separately.

  • Dry-fire training system
  • More cost effective than expensive shooting technologies and range fees
  • Improve shooting accuracy with Free Downloadable Strikeman App, available on the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • System includes Target, Smartphone Holder, and Strikeman App access code

Please Note: Strikeman Laser cartridge required for use is NOT included and must be purchased separately. See the item numbers below for available calibers.PISTOL CALIBERS

  • 9MM (item 728826, sold separately)
  • .380 ACP (item 728827, sold separately)
  • .40 S&W (item 728828, sold separately)
  • .45 ACP (item 728829, sold separately)
  • .38 special (item 728830, sold separately)
  • .357 SIG (item 728831, sold separately)


  • .223/5.56 (item 728832, sold separately)

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  • Mfg. Number: DF001


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