Cross Valley National Training Center

Our mission is to provide a private realistic training environment for an expansive outdoor educational experience.

Cross Valley National Training Center Ellensburg WA Firearms Training

Cross Valley National training center is a safe outdoor location that provides a versatile array of training venues. This unique training facility spreads over 137 acres with the ability to accommodate shooting spots, Tactical training, land navigation, competition, and other outdoor-related activities. We support instructor FREEDOM!

We are driven by Real-World training

We all live in a 540-degree world, so stop pretending that your world is one-dimensional with your training. Come see us push your skills to the next level with our proven under fire or simulated fire techniques. You are guaranteed to learn at least one new skill, no matter your level of training.

You would never practice driving a car in a straight line and then go and complete a rally race. So why do we shoot on a flat range and then expect to be able to protect our families on the worst day of our life? Welcome to Cross Valley Training. We understand the world is full of obstacles such as couches, rocks, logs, and “Legos.” When things go bump in the night, have you mentally prepared for that encounter? Your spouse and kids are counting on you. We will not teach you to shoot bullseyes every time. You will learn techniques you can use on that day to help you identify the bump as a loved one or an intruder. Everything we teach has been proven under life-or-death events or simulated events. We are not here to make you look good in a competition, nor do we teach competitive shooting. All our lessons are set up to help you survive those encounters.

Our primary goal is to make a training site for instructors from around the world where they can train without restrictions.

What we have planned:


  • 100-Yard Flat Range
  • Walking / Driving Range
  • 360 Range
  • Explosive area
  • Restrooms
  • Parking
  • Onsite Storage


  • Dedicated LE area
  • Multiple 100-yard ranges
  • Long Distance Range
  • Multiple training areas
  • Physical Training Area
  • 30 person classroom
  • Dedicated Explosive area
  • Multiple pistol Ranges
  • Permanent Restrooms


  • Exclusive access to LE range
  • Refined roads
  • Refined parking
  • Shooting tower
  • Helicopter pad
  • WIFI Access throughout
Cross Valley National Training Center development plan
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