Congratulations, Owing a firearm may be a right, but knowing how to use it is responsible.


After training with us you will never have to fight alone again.  If this is your first lesson or you are a seasoned vet we have provided some required links and some useful information below.



Hold harmless agreement: Please print, sign and bring it with you

Your registration: we may need this if there is a question about your registration, we make mistakes so help us out.



  • Dress appropriately for the weather – it would have to be extreme for us to cancel due to the weather
  • Restrooms are limited in some training, so come prepared for that in our remote locations
  • Bring a lunch and snacks – we are on a shooting range, SO…. by design, we don’t have many neighbors.
  • Bring back up guns.  Even the best guns fail, if you don’t have one see if your buddy is bringing one, maybe you can share


  • We will have a kiosk on-site, but we are not able to bring everything.
  • We will have slings, mags (limited availability), hearing protection, eye protection, limited quantities of Ammo, battle gear, Battle Belts, Spartin Armor, Targets, HSGI gear
  • RENTALS – We have a limited number of 40 cal

Direct SALES and in-stock items

Ex Umberis Designs (Battle Belts)

High Speed Gear