Monthly skill builder comp:

Eligibility: Must be able to legally possess a firearm, must have registered for either the paid version or the free version before the deadline.

Liability: Shooting can be a dangerous spot.  By participating shooters acknowledged that they are in a condition that will allow them to participate and assume all liability associated with shooting at the drill.  Archimedes Machining inc. or is sub companies take no responsibility for participants that choose to shoot the course on their own.  Participants also agree to obey all range safety rules, local laws and firearms safety rules always.

Documentation: A continues video must be posted of you shooting the course that includes the target without editing or cutting to another shot.  The video must then be posted to our Telegram or Facebook page to be considered for the prize.

Emails: We will not accept any videos emailed to us; they must be posted to one of the sites listed above.

Participation: Participation is voluntary, and every participant is competing of their own free will.