Saving lives through the use of many tools is our priority.  We focus on feeding the 99% who want nothing more than to have fun, obtain skills, and learn more about survival where a firearm may be involved.  Oh Yeah, we also shoot… a lot.

We challenge all firearms owners out there to attend training.  We encourage you to attend multiple trainings from multiple instructors.  But before you do, ask yourself the following:

  1. Is the training safe?
  2. Is the training practical?
  3. Have the techniques been proven under fire?
  4. Is this something I could do years from now with minimal follow-up?

Training should be fun, simple, and exciting.  In the end, you should want to do more.  If the skill requires you to train daily, chances are you will not be able to complete it when your life is on the line, or when you’re showing off for your friends.

Join us at our next event and we Guarantee:

  1. You will learn at least one thing
  2. You will have a good time
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