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UPDATE – TIME CHANGED TO 0930 AM ON 03/26/2022


Women Only Firearms Training: Familiarize Yourself With Your Gun In A Professional, Non-Judgemental, & Safe Environment

Responsible use and storage of firearms is the bedrock of firearms ownership. This course will help all new gun owners not only understand their responsibilities concerning firearm ownership, it will help them form a respect for their firearms. This firearms training course is designed for women and is intended to inform, educate, and instruct all students of all backgrounds what they need to know to be a responsible firearms owner.

Welcome to our Women’s Firearms Training and Familiarization Course with Optional Range Day

More and more Americans are purchasing firearms. Year over year, gun sales records are being broken, and new gun owners among women are increasing as well. This is great news for those among us who value our rights guaranteed in the Constitution. As a new firearms owner, you are responsible for understanding and applying safe firearms practices at all times, setting an example for those you love and care for.

Many first-time firearms owners experience a little bit of anxiety when it comes to handling firearms, let alone just being around one. That’s why our firearms training that is exclusive to women has been created. We want to allow women to learn about firearms in an environment that is free of undue pressure and allows them to train with their peers. Let’s be honest: culture has taught us that guns are a man’s domain. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Firearm ownership goes way beyond “boys vs. girls.” Firearms ownership and usage is enshrined into the Bill of Rights. As a woman who owns a firearm (or more… Obviously, no judgment here!), the only thing you should have to focus on is how to familiarize yourself with your gun.

Women’s Firearms Familiarization Course

This is a non-shooting class that will help women firearm owners understand what firearms ownership means. This is the perfect introductory womens firearm training to build confidence and knowledge around firearm ownership. This course is conducted in an open and friendly environment. It is a springboard towards more advanced firearm training and challenges. Regardless of how far you want to go, this women friendly gun training is the first step in your journey.

This is a non-shooting class. If the student wishes to proceed to the range, there is an optional range day. See details below. Check the date and location before signing up.

Covered In Your Day/Night Of Women’s Gun Training

  • Confidence Building – firearms are tools that use a projectile to punch holes in things. This women’s only firearms instruction will help to remove the stigma that guns have and replace them with facts. Factual and relevant information will help to dispel misinformation surrounding firearms. Please note – this class isn’t about politics at all. We will discourage any and all political hot-button issues and keep the class focused on facts and facts alone. This is a safe and open environment and it is up to all of use to keep it that way.
  • Understanding and Applying Firearms Safety – Firearms safety is the most critical element of firearms safety. Unfortunately, there are firearm accidents in the United States every day, resulting in injury and in many cases death. A vast majority of these accidental shootings could have been prevented had the owners practiced strict and consistent gun safety rules. As a new firearm owner, you are responsible for your gun and how it is used. This women’s firearms safety class will teach you the basic firearm safety rules in an easy to understand and relatable format.
  • Become Familiar With Different Types of Firearms – guns come in all shapes and sizes, but will always fall into one of three groups – Pistols (handguns), Rifles, and Shotguns. You will learn the differences and similarities between them all. You will learn about their basic functions as well as their practical applications. This particular women’s gun training class will help you confidently demonstrate your firearms knowledge with your family and friends. In turn, and as time goes on, people will know that you have a real respect for proper firearms ownership.
  • Loading and Unloading Your Firearm – as you build confidence with your firearm, it is only right to transition into handling your firearm safely. This women’s firearm instruction involves learning how to safely load and unload your firearm while applying fundamental firearms safety rules.
  • How To Keep Kids Safe With Guns In The House – If you are a mother, this gun safety course is perhaps as important as the basic gun safety rules. In fact, gun safety and children’s safety go hand-in-hand. It is your responsibility as a responsible woman gun owner to understand how to keep your children safe around firearms. We’ll discuss practical ways to help you introduce a firearm into a home where children are present and keep everybody safe. In addition, we’ll also discuss home, car, and environmental gun safety information.

What To Bring To The Women’s Only Gun Training Course

  • Your Firearm – unloaded and with the action open.
  • Questions (we don’t believe in “dumb questions.” All questions are 100% welcome and valid, no matter how strange or crazy you think they are. You are here to learn facts and facts are what you’ll get. We do not expect you to know everything about guns. That’s why you’re here, is it not?)
  • Optional: Holster

What Not To Bring

  • Ammunition. NO NOT bring ammunition.

This woman friendly gun training course is 3 hours in length. Your instructors have decades of combined experience in teaching women, men, and children on the importance of firearms safety and usage. Our instructors will help you build confidence, instill knowledge, and give you the facts about firearms, all without judgment in a safe and secure environment.

OPTIONAL Women’s Only Firearms Training – Range Time

This is the shooting (live fire) portion of our women’s only firearms informational class. The informational portion is not required to attend this part, however, attending the informational portion will get you a discount code to attend this one.

Check the date and location before signing up.

Covered in your day/evening of Women’s Only Firearms Training

  • Become more confident around firearms – we will cover all aspects of what it means to responsibly and safely own and use a firearm in a live fire environment.
  • Understand how to safely handle a firearm – you will learn the basic firearms safety rules and apply them at all times during live fire.
  • Become familiar with the most common types of firearms – you will learn about different types of firearms and what applications they are typically used for.
  • Learn how to load and unload a firearm – you will learn how to properly and safely load and unload your firearms in a live fire environment.
  • Children’s Safety – you’ll learn how to keep your kids and those you care about safe when a firearm is in the home. You’ll also learn about safe storage and usage of firearms in your car and out in various environments.

This woman friendly gun training course is 3 hours in length. Your instructors have decades of combined experience in teaching women, men, and children on the importance of firearms safety and usage. Our instructors will help you build confidence, instill knowledge, and give you the facts about firearms, all without judgment in a safe and secure environment.

Guarantee your spot today with your deposit

  • $20 (non-refundable) deposit to reserve your spot
  • $20 due no later than the day of training (cash or check at the door)
  • Total of $40 for your 3 1/2 hours life long skills.
  • Add on the optional range day before the classroom and save $10
  • A deposit is required to reserve your spot
  • You may choose to pay the remaining balance at the time of order or bring Cash or Check on the day of your training
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
  • Ellensburg
  • WA
  • 98926-9475

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  • 03/26/2022 9:00 am   -   11:30 am
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